[Pdns-users] 2.9.22-rc1 coming up!

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Sun Nov 16 20:44:52 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,

On http://svn.powerdns.com/snapshots/1293/ you can find snapshots of what
wil become 2.9.22-rc1 later this week, and probably 2.9.22 real soon after

This is one of the biggest and imho most exciting Authoritative Server
releases in many years.

Thanks are due to UPC Broadband and Directi who made a lot of this possible.

It would be appreciated if the more adventurous among you (you know who you
are!) gave this snapshot a spin. It is powering some servers already, so it
is not that scary.

Some highlights from the full (pre-)release notes:
(the full notes are on http://doc.powerdns.com/changelog.html#CHANGELOG-AUTH-2-9-22 )

 New features:

     * pdns_control can now also work over TCP/IP. Sponsored by
       Directi. Commits 1246, 1251, 1254, 1255.
     * Implemented a notification proxy, see Section 19.1. This
       work was sponsored by UPC Broadband. Implemented in 
       commit 1075, commit 1077, commit 1082, commit 1083, commit
       1085, commit 1086.
     * PowerDNS Authoritative server now parses incoming EDNS
       options, like maximum allowed packet size. Implemented in
       commit 1123 and commit 1281.
     * Implemented EDNS NSID option for retrieving the nameserver
       ID out of band. Defaults to hostname, can be specified
       using the server-id setting. Code in commit 1232.
     * Implemented experimental EDNS PING for enhanced forgery
       resilience. Code in commit 1232.

     * Improve packet generation performance, in some cases by
       25%. Code in 1258, 1259.
     * PowerDNS Authoritative caches were completely redone, and
       are now based on the same cache that is in the resolver.
       This work has been sponsored by Directi. In large
       benchmarks, PowerDNS performance has improved by an order
       of magnitude or more. This new version allows for
       near-instantaneous cache purging, plus very rapid purging
       based on suffix. Purge commands can also be batched. This
       work is partially based on an innovative reverse-string
       comparison function authored by Aki Tuomi.
     * BIND backend speedups in commit 1108, measured at around a
       20% improvement, possibly more on very large setups.

 Bugs fixed:
     * Connection reset by peer events in the TCP nameserver no
       longer lead to the cycling of database connections. Code in
       commit 1241.
     * Properly fill out the 'recursion available'-flag. Spotted
       by Augie Schwer in ticket 167.
     * Several memory leaks on bad data in the database or other
       errors have been fixed. Addressed in 1078 and 1079.
     * Jelte Jansen of Stichting NLNetLabs discovered PowerDNS in
       BIND mode couldn't operate as a root-server! Fixed in 1057.
     * DNSSEC records were part of 2.9.21, but were not actually
       hooked up. Please note that while PowerDNS can serve most
       DNSSEC records, it does not do DNSSEC processing.
       Implemented in 1046.
     * Our statistics counters did not wrap correctly after the
       2.15 billion mark. Spotted by Stefan Schmidt, reported in
       ticket 179, fixed in commit 1284.

 General improvements:
     * Zoneparser improvements mean $TTL and $INCLUDES now work a
       lot better. Additionally, trailing spaces no longer confuse
       the parser. Implemented in 1056, 1062.
     * Random generator is now based on AES, improving the
       security of certain proxy operations. This is the same
       random generator that is in the recursor. Implemented in
       commit 1256.
     * Labels are compressed more efficiently
       (case-insensitively), leading to smaller packets.
       Implemented in commit 1156.
     * Fix handling of TCP timeouts to not cause a reload of the
       backends. Implemented in commit 1092.
     * Move from select() to poll()-based multiplexing, allowing
       PowerDNS to listen on more than 1024 sockets
       simultaneously. One big PowerDNS user needs this.
       Implemented in 1072.
     * PowerDNS now skips remote master servers which consistently
       generate timeout messages, improving the master checking
       cycle time tremendously. Developed in cooperation with
       Tyler Hall. Implemented in commit 1278.

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