[Pdns-users] Compiling Oracle backend

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Wed Mar 26 16:09:46 UTC 2008

Hi Paul

> I am trying to compile pdns on Solaris 10/sparc with the Oracle backend.
> I am using the Oracle 10g instant client and the compile appears to find
> oci.h ok. I keep getting an error about dsword. The compiler used in
> this case is gcc 4.2.3, but I get similar errors with others. Both the
> oracle and goracle modules get a similar error. Has anyone come across
> this?

The oracle backend is depricated and the goracle backend seems to lack some 
support. If you want to use an Oracle database for PowerDNS I would suggest 
to use the opendbx backend and the OpenDBX oracle driver. The opendbx backend 
is part of the PowerDNS package and OpenDBX can be found at



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