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Brad Dameron Brad.Dameron at clearwire.com
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Yes these are behind load balancers. And I am going to put each instance on a seperate IP since they are NATed. I thought I had read something about renaming the startup script and when you start it looks for the matching config file. But I didn't see that in the script itself. 


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if you want to run four separate, completely independent instances with no forking/parent, just starting up each one individually, you'll need to change the local-port in each recursor.conf to be unique from the others. one can run on 53, 54, ..., and from there, you'll need to set up something in front that handles layer 4 switching/port translation, and configure 4 virtual IPs on the switch/router, all configured to accept on 53, to do a port translate from the virtual ip:port to the physical ip:port of wherever it would be directed to. 

for example, your switch/router would have the following virtual > physical mappings:

ns1.clearwire.com:53 <http://ns1.clearwire.com:53/>  > big-ns-box.clearwire.com:53 <http://big-ns-box.clearwire.com:53/> 
ns2.clearwire.com:53 <http://ns2.clearwire.com:53/>  > big-ns-box.clearwire.com:54 <http://big-ns-box.clearwire.com:54/> 
ns3.clearwire.com:53 <http://ns3.clearwire.com:53/>  > big-ns-box.clearwire.com:55 <http://big-ns-box.clearwire.com:55/> 

not sure what capabilities you have, but thats how we'd do it. if anyone else has any other ways of doing it, feel free to share.

then again, this is more of a sysadmin/networking type question and not a pdns-specific question, so i dont want the list to get flooded :)



On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 6:41 PM, Brad Dameron <Brad.Dameron at clearwire.com> wrote:

	I've looked over the docs and not sure how I can run multiple pdns-recursors. We are moving to dual dual-core servers and would like to run multiple recursor instances. I know about the fork process but would prefer to run 4 seperate instances. I know this will require 4 configs but was hoping there was a simple way to handle this.
	Brad Dameron

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