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Chet Nichols III chet.nichols at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 23:11:13 UTC 2008

hey yeah- i'd actually be interested in this info too :D i was doing some
load testing today, and was going to continue with it tomorrow, but if
someone has already done the work, that'd rock.
not sure about norbert, i'm more looking at maximum throughput for a given
machine w/ max req/sec, cpu utilization, and memory utilization. i guess
memory utilization all depends on how many domains get cached, which in turn
is probably going to affect cpu, because if you're doing the same domain
over and over its really not going to require that much work. that was one
of the things that skewed my load testing today- but i just wanted to try
and get a rough idea :D

for example, we run ours on some HP DL360 G4's 3.40GHz w/ 4G.. i know they
can handle 10k req/sec with ease, but from there, i dont know. some have
said 40k req/sec depending on different variables, but any other numbers
would rock.. including performance between backends :D

sorry to cut in norbert! got excited because this was a hot topic for me
today :)

talk to you all soon-


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 6:45 PM, Norbert Sendetzky <norbert at linuxnetworks.de>

> Hi Josh
> > Do anybody have data about powerdns's performance...
> What are you looking for? Maximum throughput on a given machine?
> Performance
> compared to Bind or another DNS server? Or performance between PowerDNS
> backends?
> Norbert
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