[Pdns-users] Problems with ANY query

Martijn Grendelman martijn at pocos.nl
Thu Jul 17 10:28:37 UTC 2008


> First let me say 2.9.20 has many issues that are fixed in 2.9.21. In any
> case 2.9.21 will behave differently with regards to the issue you are
> seeing.

I once upraded tot 2.9.21, but then a critical problem concerning
wildcard cnames arised, IIRC, so we had to roll-back :-(

> What is happening is that ns6.ilse.nl gets a 'recursion desired' query for
> ilsemedia.nl. It can answer without recursion however, because the server is
> authoritative for ilsemedia.nl. On answering, it discovers all the
> ilsemedia.nl records do not fit in the standard 512 byte UDP packet, and it
> sends back a truncated packet, with a flag that says 'ask over TCP'.

Ah, thank you for this explanation!

> Then dig retries over TCP, and then something unfortunate happens. TCP
> recursion desired queries are always handed over directily to the configured
> resolver ('recursor=' in the configuration), without looking at the local
> cache. And I think your recursor then fails to transfer all those records
> over TCP.

>> If I try the ANY query with 'dig +norecurse', it works!
> That is correct. Luckily, the world at large will only ask +norecurse
> questions. The only people that won't are the people you resolve for, so for
> them it might be a problem.

Well, as a matter of fact, I stumbled across this problem, because the
registration of a .fr domain failed. Apparently, AFNIC does nameserver
checks that are even worse than the ones from SIDN and it appears they
do an ANY query that fails on these servers, so I suspect they ask with

>> I just added a domain to the database, so the server is authoritative
>> for it. The domain has not yet moved, so the 'real world' nameserver is
>> in fact 'dns2.nettica.com'.
>> Now if I query the server for it (from somewhere on the net, from an IP
>> that is NOT allowed to use recursion on this server):
>> $ dig @ns6.ilse.nl spullenbank.net any
> Odd - more or less the same thing happens, a fallback to TCP, which causes
> the entire query to go to the recursor. Are you 100.00% sure you don't allow
> recursion for the world? Your server positively says it is willing to
> recurse for me.

Over UDP it doesn't, as far as I can tell. If I ask it for 'xs4all.nl
any', I get SERVFAIL. The log says: "Not authoritative for 'xs4all.nl',
sending servfail to (recursion was desired)".

However, dig +tcp @ns6.ilse.nl xs4all.nl any gives me what I asked for.

>> I get the results from dns2.nettica.com! If I do:
>> $ dig +norecurse @ns6.ilse.nl spullenbank.net any
>> I get the results from ns6.ilse.nl
> That is correct.
>> I hope the problem is clear. It appears that PowerDNS is recursing on
>> ANY queries (and not on other type queries), even though the client is
>> not allowed to recurse AND the domain in question CAN be answered
>> locally (and only when both of these conditions are met).
>> Is this is known issue with 2.9.20?
> You might want to try with 2.9.21, but in general, mixing auth and resolver
> operation on 1 IP address is filled with issues like these. This is
> partially due to the PowerDNS design, partially due to the fundamentally
> confusing nature of mixing both modes of operation.

I guess I can lose the whole recursor thing.

> I see two "bugs" in the above: 1) that TCP recursion desired packets aren't
> filtered through the local database 2) that your server appears to be
> willing to recurse for the whole world over TCP.
> '2' might very well be solved in 2.9.21.

I'll investigate if an upgrade is viable :-)

Thank you for your help!!

Best regards,

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