[Pdns-users] PowerDNS with geobackend

hirantha hirantha at securedpipe.net
Thu Jul 31 16:57:32 UTC 2008

Dear ALL,

We are looking for dns solution on global load balancing. We have 
http/tcp services deployed around the globe and need to direct users to 
nearest Data Center. If the particular data center has failed to serve 
the content, then re-direct to the next given data center using dns.

I looked for Bind with geo-dns patch and working fine as they described. 
But my worry is, I don't find many companies are using this and I have 
seen lack of support on geo-dns patch for Bind. Then I have looked for 
PowerDNS with geobackend. I have installed the pdns on my freebsd7 
without any issue and I am about to look at geobackend. In the meantime 
I'm looking for others thoughts how they full-fill their requirement 
equivalent to mine with using pdns.

Here is my scope.

I can offered for 4-5 dns servers in different continent (running pdns 
as authoritative)
Need to check/monitor given services;if there is a service failure, 
should update A record with given IP address. ( I have tried this on 
Bind with dynamic updates)
Serve customers with nearest server by determining users' source IP 
address (I have tried this using geo-dns patch on bind and hoping to 
achieve using pdns geobackend)

My points are,

Is it possible to achieve this using pdns..? (I can write script for 
service check but how do I update pdns..?)
Is it feasible to do this though out-sourcing dns hosting to DNS Made 
Easy -- at a low cost. I don't need to waist my resources if I don't get 
the results.

Even I can pay PowerDNS if they willing to support me on this. I would 
appreciate your advice and thoughts on this regard

Thanks in advance

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