[Pdns-users] Is a valid NOTIFY received by PowerDNS suppose to initiate an AXFR?

Jaco Engelbrecht bje at serendipity.org.za
Wed Jan 30 19:37:33 UTC 2008

Hi Bert,

bert hubert wrote:
> Would it be possible for you to try with 2.9.21? 

Sure, I'll give that a go in the next few hours.

> Most definitely. What is probably happening is that your slave loop is
> saturated.


> Yes, it should most definitely be possible. Do you actually have 150k slave
> zones? What is probably happening is that the slave loop is continuously
> polling the state of 150k zones, or trying to transfer them, which causes
> the loop to take a few hours to run - which is why your system is reacting
> so slowly.

Makes sense :-/

> Please let me know if this description of your configuration is correct - I

Setup looks like this right now:

- Bind 9 hidden master (dnsmaster) with 80k zones on it.
- (About to move another 70k zones onto this platform in the next few
- PowerDNS hidden master (authmaster00-ns) which dnsmaster "also-notify"
all zone updates to.

- Three PowerDNS FE's reading from two PowerDNS DBs.

- Three Bind9 FEs that dnsmaster still notify too as well.

authmaster00-ns currently thus slave 80k zones (soon ~150k - and will
continue to do so for some time while we migrate internal/customer
interfaces of the various ISPs to the new portal(s)).  authmaster00-ns
also got a few thousand native zones that it's responsible for, but not
a lot at this point - very soon it'll be slaving say a few hundred and
be running 150k + domains natively. :)

> know there is a powerdns user out there that used to run into a
> similar problem, and they solved it.

Possibly this post you're thinking of -


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