[Pdns-users] Is a valid NOTIFY received by PowerDNS suppose to initiate an AXFR?

Jaco Engelbrecht bje at serendipity.org.za
Wed Jan 30 16:25:51 UTC 2008


I've got a PowerDNS 2.9.20 instance, configured as supermaster for a
Bind 9 instance which sends notifies to the PowerDNS instance.

Jan 29 07:00:07 authmaster00-ns pdns[19218]: Domain networkgods.net is fresh
Jan 29 11:34:40 authmaster00-ns pdns[19218]: Received valid NOTIFY for
networkgods.net (id=136725) from master 2008012404 >

However, for some reason when PowerDNS receives the notify it does not
start a zone transfer.  I've read, and reread the documentation at
doc.powerdns.com, but can't find or understand how this is suppose to
work.  Is a notify received by PowerDNS suppose to initiate an AXFR?

Only several hours later, it finds that the zone is stale, and then
kicks off a zone transfer:

Jan 30 05:06:45 authmaster00-ns pdns[20172]: Domain networkgods.net is
stale, master serial 2008012404, our serial 2008012403

Jan 30 05:06:57 authmaster00-ns pdns[20172]: AXFR started for
'networkgods.net', transaction started

Jan 30 05:06:58 authmaster00-ns pdns[20172]: AXFR done for
'networkgods.net', zone committed

My configuration (which I think is relevant):

### Slaving.


Any ideas?

One way to work around this for now, I suppose is, to set my
slave-cycle-interval to something much lower - but I've got over 150k
domains on this platform, and checking up on them every 30 minutes is
not really an option.  I also want zone transfers to happen immediately.
 Is this possible?


bje at serendipity.org.za
the faculty of making fortunate discoveries

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