[Pdns-users] domain delete from Slave

Catalin Constantin dazoot at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 16:22:22 UTC 2008


We have configured a MASTER pdns and a SLAVE pdns.
We add new domains to the MASTER and then the SLAVE gets notified and
the zone is transferred.

So far so good.

We could not find any way of HOW a zone is completely deleted
"automatically" form the slave.

For example we delete the DOMAIN entry for "test.com" from the master.
How does the SLAVE gets notified about this ?

In the slave logs we have lines like:
Jan 26 17:37:14 k2 pdns[28941]: Error trying to retrieve/refresh
'test.com': Remote nameserver reported error: RCODE=2

Any hint would be appreciated.

Catalin Constantin
Dazoot Software

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