[Pdns-users] PDNS log file configuration

David Apgar apgar at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Feb 22 20:53:34 UTC 2008


PDNS uses the syslog facility to do all of it's logging.  To get it to
redirect to a different file, you need to tell it to log to one of the
syslogs 'local' facilities.

To set up pdns to log to (for instance) LOCAL0:
add to your pdns.conf


And modify your syslog.conf to have:

local0	/var/log/pdns.log

That will output all of the pdns messages (info, warning, error, etc.)
to /var/log/pdns.log.

Check out: http://downloads.powerdns.com/documentation/html/syslog.html
for a better explanation of how logging is done in pdns.  Also note that
you'll ideally want to choose one of the 'local' facilities that isn't
being used by any other processes.


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Ooops, that should read /usr/local/etc/pdns.conf for the location of the
pdns.conf file.

rlibiez at arthmoor.com wrote ..
> I have tried to divert the pdns log file using the configuration file
which is
> currently loading from /usr/local/pdns.conf but it is ignoring my
preference. Is
> this the correct format for it?
> logfile=/var/log/pdns.log
> I am using pdns 2.9.21 compiled from source. All of the log messages
from the program
> are dumping into /var/log/messages

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