[Pdns-users] reverse lookup zones

Eugene Pefti eugenep at w3media.net
Fri Feb 22 00:36:09 UTC 2008

I'm still working on the staging phase for migration from Microsoft DNS. I
was successfully able to migrate all zone files from primary Microsoft DNS
server to pdns server and commit them to MySQL database. This is a script by
the way: 

DNSSERVER=x.x.x.x (IP address of the source DNS server) 
DOMAINARRAY=`cat /path/to/importlist 
dig @$DNSSERVER $DOMAIN AXFR > /path/to/list/$DOMAIN; 
zone2sql -zone=/path/to/list/$DOMAIN -gmysql -zone-name=$DOMAIN | mysql -D
pdns -u root 
exit 0 

importlist is the list that was created by exporting zone files using DNS
MMC and then piping to awk: 

# cat originallist_from_source_dns | awk {'print $1'} > importlist 

But that was run and obtained from forward lookup zones. Do I have to import
reverse lookup zones the same way or I will need to manually add PTR RR to
every migrated domain? We run /20 network, that's 16 class C blocks and a
great deal of reverse zones. 


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