[Pdns-users] IPv6 testers wanted for snapshot4!

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Sun Feb 10 21:26:00 UTC 2008

Hi IPv6 friends,

Since the root zone now contains AAAA records, as do many TLD zones, I've
given our IPv6 support a lot of love.

Please test

It should be *completely* IPv6/IPv4 agnostic, in that it can resolve domains
like www.nl.ipv6.net. that only have IPv6 nameservers.

To test, run as:
$ ./pdns_recursor --local-port=5300 --daemon=no --socket-dir=./ --daemon=no
--trace --hint-file=named.root --query-local-address6=::

If you take a normal root-hints (named.root) file, and strip out the A
records, resolving www.nl.ipv6.net looks as can be seen on

Please try your best to see if there is any place we prefer A records over
AAAA records, or where we can only operate over IPv4 etc.

This version uses ANY-queries to simultaneously retrieve A and AAAA records
for resolution, which appears to be new. And therefore a bit scary. This is
only enabled if you run with a query-local-address6.

Good luck!

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