[Pdns-users] Delegate domain in pdns

petecooper peter at rapidhost.co.uk
Mon Feb 4 11:51:50 UTC 2008

I'm having trouble getting something to work with our PDNS server(s) that is
easy-as-pie on windows DNS.

This is so that one of our customers can use a third-party mailer
application - something to do with displaying the correct domain on bounced
emails etc. 

In windows I could ...

  1. Right-click a domain, choose 'New Delegation'.
  2. Click next, enter 'email' (we are trying to create email.domain.com)
  3. Add third-party's NS entries for this delegate as required by mailer

Having done this, their online-checker
(http://www.dnssub.com/custom_domain_check_pure.html) is perfectly happy.

To replicate this in PDNS, I...

  1. Add (or confirm) a NS record on domain.com pointing to
ns0.ourdomain.com (itself)
  2. Create a new domain record with name 'email.domain.com'
  3. Add third-party's NS records with name = 'email.domain.com' and the
data as the NS server target they require.
  4. Change first-part of email.domain.com SOA record data to third-party's
primary NS.

After this, the checker gives this error..

  The sub-domain email.domain.com has not been correctly delegated.
  Instead of adding delegation records to the parent domain,
  the sub-domain has been added on the parent domain.

So what am I doing wrong ? 

I can see that the error makes sense - examining the records table, ignoring
domain IDs, it does just look like a normal subdomain. Is something required
to enable pdns to look at the domains table - it's still perfectly happy to
serve records with a NULL domain ID for example.

Any help much appreciated as I'm completely stuck here.
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