R: [Pdns-users] intel compiler

Marco Chiavacci marco.chiavacci at staff.aruba.it
Tue Dec 16 14:30:12 UTC 2008

>This is very weird. Can you try searching and replacing 'runtime_error' by
>'std::exception' in zoneparser-tng.cc to see if the problem goes away?

Sorry but it doesn't work (compile) replacing the string in this file...
line 44 is:

throw runtime_error("Unable to open file '"+fname+"': "+stringerror());

in what I must change?

>Alternatively, can you try an older version of Boost?

I start try 1.33.0 but don't compile until 1.35.0 with error:

/usr/src/boost_1_34_1/boost/lexical_cast.hpp(158) (col. 31): warning #980:
wrong number of actual arguments to intrinsic function

With 1.35.0 until 1.37.0 compile but works in the same way.

Thank you in advance
Marco Chiavacci

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