[Pdns-users] intel compiler

Marco Chiavacci marco.chiavacci at staff.aruba.it
Tue Dec 16 11:03:07 UTC 2008


we try the latest rc3 in trunk r1322 for production with bindbackend, and it
seems pretty fast and stable.
We have the intel compiler 11.0.074 in production for stability and for
performance optimization, so we had tried to compile pdns with icc but it
seems not to be fully supported:

- the first error is in pdns/nameserver.cc at line 117 that we has to
transform from:


uint16_t varia = ::arg().asNum("local-port");

because " nameserver.cc(117): error: destructible entities are not allowed
inside of a statement expression"

- the second problem is a strange thing because finally it compile and start
but when bindbackend don't find some files used in named.conf, with gcc is
logged but it continue to load zones, while with intel compiler it rise an

Dec 16 11:28:23 dnstest1 pdns[7942]: Caught an exception instantiating a
backend, cleaning up
Dec 16 11:28:23 dnstest1 pdns[7942]: Exiting because of STL error: Unable to
open file '/var/named/test/zzz.zone': No s
uch file or directory
Dec 16 11:28:24 dnstest1 pdns[7936]: Our pdns instance exited with code 1
Dec 16 11:28:24 dnstest1 pdns[7936]: Respawning

Have someone tested intel compiler? There is a lot of optimization that icc
can do that gcc cannot...

Thank you in advance
Marco Chiavacci

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