[Pdns-users] Exception: unknown escape sequence on NAPTR regex

Duane duane at e164.org
Tue Aug 5 02:36:15 UTC 2008

Peter Fern wrote:
> Duane wrote:
>> It's pointless trying to expand regular expressions from within the DNS
>> server, either it will increase load unnecessarily or the regular
>> expressions were designed to be expanded by a client requesting the
>> information.
> I'm aware that parsing of the regex is meant to be done client-side, all
> I'm trying to do is get PowerDNS to actually serve them as they are in
> the backend.  If you look at the original post
> (48855B45.6020604 at obfusc8.org) and 48916317.3040704 at obfusc8.org it
> should be clear what the problem is, and that it's because pdns *is*
> trying to parse escape sequences that there's a problem.

and I'm telling you that it's pointless trying to get PDNS to do that
because the load will be substantially increased, you are MUCH better
off expanding the regex before you hand it off to PDNS.


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