[Pdns-users] Domain serial with Postgres backend

Mitchell Smith mjsotn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 05:48:29 UTC 2008


I am having a minor problem with PowerDNS with the Postgres backend.

Before I get in to the issue, I should probably point out that our schema
has been somewhat customized, and the pdns.conf file contains a number of
queries to retrieve the data in the format that PowerDNS is expecting.

For the most part this appears to be working well, and I can query PowerDNS
from the command line and get the results I am expecting back.

The issue I am having is with the SOA record, more specifically the serial

In my SOA records I am specifying the serial as 0, which according to the
documentation will cause PowerDNS to generate a serial for the domain based
on the changed_date of the records.

Upon reviewing this documentation, I noticed that the custom queries were
not retrieving the value for changed_date, as this was not one of the 6
values required by the gpgsql-basic-query as outlined in the documentation.

I added changed_date as a 7th field, hoping that it was an optional
argument; however the serial for my zones is still stuck on 0.

I am hoping that someone on the list has come across this issue before, and
has a solution to providing the changed_date on custom queries, so that the
serial for the zone is correctly calculated.

Any feedback on this issue would be very much appreciated.


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