[Pdns-users] replication question

Samuel Vogel samydelux at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 23:16:57 UTC 2008

Hey guys,

I am looking forward to using powerdns as our primary dns server. Right 
now we use mydns with mysql replication, but sometimes replication 
breaks and in my opinion it's just another point of failure!
This why I would like to know if the following setup is possible:

We have one main mysql server, which contains all our customer data. 
Right now we have a mydns's dns tables in there an replicate them to the 
mysql instances running on the dns servers.
I wonder if we could setup powerdns on the server which contains all our 
customer data and configure it as a supermaster. But it should not 
answer incoming dns requests itself, but just keep our real dns servers 
(now running powerdns) up to date. I would use a file based backends to 
eliminate the need to have a mysql server running on each of our dns 

I hope you can understand what I want to do!


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