[Pdns-users] Latency and cache size are correlated

Eugene Pefti eugenep at w3media.net
Wed Apr 30 21:07:53 UTC 2008

Thanks, Alan!

Unfortunately I can't set them apart. Lots of our clients use dns IPs to
recursing and same IPs are added to domain name registrars registries. A
thought came to me after reading your answer, if in my pdns.conf I allow
recursion for my networks only does it mean that none of the questions asked
by recursive servers will be answered by my authoritative server?


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On Wednesday 30 April 2008, "Eugene Pefti" <eugenep at w3media.net> wrote:
> Q. Do you really truly need to mix auth and resolving service?
> A. I thought I am not mixing them if I run the recursor service on 
> port 5300.

If you have clients asking the authoritative server for recursive data, then
you're mixing them. The authoritative server should normally only be asked
questions directly by recursive servers for data it's authoritative for.


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