[Pdns-users] Duplicate SOA while using dig and zone2sql

Eugene Pefti eugenep at w3media.net
Wed Apr 23 16:26:17 UTC 2008

I would say "host -l blabla.tld" doesn't produce any SOA at all. Just
statement like this:

Blabla.tld has address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Blabla.tld name server ns1.domain.tld.                                      
Blabla.tld name server ns2.domain.tld.                                      
mail.blabla.tld has address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

www.blabla.tld has address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


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On Wednesday 23 April 2008 09:38:39 Ton van Rosmalen wrote:
>  I'd suggest some shell-scripting to do the trick

Even better way:
Use the "host -l <domain>" command to fetch the zone via AXFR. It doesn't
print the SOA record twice to stdout.

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