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Duane duane at e164.org
Sun Sep 23 03:10:13 UTC 2007

Jan-Piet Mens wrote:
> I have started working on a book focused primarily on authoritative DNS
> servers (PowerDNS, MaraDNS, MyDNS) as well as BIND with the SDB back-end
> and DLZ BIND. The book shall *not* be a "this server is better than that
> one" but rather an insight into the individual programs, their features,
> strengths, and perhaps also their weaknesses.
> I intend to also focus on LDAP and SQL back-ends (where applicable) and
> concentrate mainly on authoritative servers, only slightly touching on
> recursive name servers.
> I've contacted the maintainers of the programs asking whether they know
> of any books which discuss these programs, and some of them have
> answered my query. :-)
> You could help to turn this project into something useful by giving me
> pointers on which topics (for the individual name server software) you
> would consider most useful to have included in a book. I'm also open to
> any ideas you might have or perhaps even wishes for topics.

Ok I recently had to do a lot of optimisation work on MySQL and I found
a lot of contradicting opinions on what to do etc etc etc, then I came
across this page:


on it there is a script someone wrote, he made claims about maintaining
7000 linux servers running MySQL, and the outputted hints from the
script helped me no end.


Since following the advice/suggestions of the script I've stopped
allocating too much or too little ram for MySQL.

> I had contemplated NSD, but I'd have thought that it isn't used very
> much. I'd be willing to be convinced of the opposite, though.
> Thoughts?

NSD is used in combination as some of the root name servers (H, K and L)
these are anycast servers and all the servers for that root run the same
software afaik.

All other root servers run BIND.


So I think it is very much used ;)


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