[Pdns-users] pdns-server axfr question

Ed McLain EMcLain at teklinks.com
Tue Oct 16 17:43:12 UTC 2007

Hello all.  Got a question that I think I may know the answer to, but just
wanted to ask just in case.  In our current setup we have 2 power dns
servers that have 3 ip addresses each, say .1, .2, and .3 on one machine and
.4, .5, and .6 on the second machine.  We are using keepalived to manage
failover of the primary NS server addresses (.2, .3, .5. and .6) and that
part works great.  The problem we are encountering is that if a domain is
setup as a SLAVE all of the request for AXFR transfers come from the .1 and
.4 addresses and not any of the others.  Is there a config option somewhere
or some other way that I can tell pdns to use one of the other addresses for
axfr transfers?

Ed McLain

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