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Brad Dameron Brad.Dameron at clearwire.com
Fri Oct 5 08:52:01 UTC 2007

  I am running pdns-recursor-3.1.4-1.i386.rpm. I have my max-cache-entries=2000000 which is using 620MB. I am not forking the process to the hyperthreadding. I am running this on two load balanced single P4 3Ghz servers with 1GB and a 80GB SATA on CentOS 4.4. Let me tell you this thing screams. I am doing around 900 q/sec on each machine during slow hours. Appearing to peak up to 1400 q/sec on each server during busy times. I just one of these servers against a dual quad-core Xeon 5355 2.66Ghz server with 8GB ram running BIND 9.4.1-P1. And let me tell you. There is no comparison. 
Here is the link to a test I ran. DNS1 is the same 2 P4 3Ghz servers behind a Foundry ServerIronGT using NAT translation in one of our other POP's running on bind 9.4.1-P1. DNS2 is PowerDNS resolver on the same config. These are connected by 2 GigE connections to the Internet. So speed is not a issue.
Under DNS1 Timing you can visibly see the 2 to 12 second lookup times. Under DNS2 is the PowerDNS times. Blazing faster. And I just launched PowerDNS. The BIND servers have been running for quite some time so there cache should be pretty active. Also the PowerDNS's at the time of the test are doing all those quiries in production. So they are already busy. No impact at all. This is a great product and we look forward to supporting it.
However. I seem to be seeing just a few issues in our logs that we would love to get resolved. Here is what I am seeing:
pdns_recursor[4174]: Unable to parse packet from remote UDP client XX.XX.XXX.XXX: Can't parse non-query packet with opcode=4
Oct  5 08:40:15 rs-2 pdns_recursor[4174]: Unable to parse packet from remote UDP client XX.XX.XXX.XXX: Can't parse non-query packet with opcode=4

Now I blocked out the IP. Which happens to be one of our customers that is using our DNS. I am not sure if this is a possible virus or the customer themselves trying to possibly spoof our DNS since we were using BIND before.

Then I am seeing these as well:

pdns_recursor[4174]: Ignoring answer from on server socket!
last message repeated 15 times

Again another customer of ours using our DNS. And finally:

Unable to parse packet from remote UDP client Error parsing packet of 16 bytes (rd=0), out of bounds: vector::_M_range_check

Anyone have any knowlege of these or can point me to some docs on if these are bad or possibly fixed in the soon to come release? 

Thank you,
Brad Dameron
Senior Systems Engineer









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