[Pdns-users] This can't be right - DNS Load Test Results

Duane duane at e164.org
Fri Nov 30 23:23:57 UTC 2007

Max Clark wrote:
> I recently ran a series of dns load tests against various dns servers
> and have been greatly surprised by the results
> (http://www.clarksys.com/2007/11/20/dns_load_testing_results/) - in
> this test PDNS was slightly faster than TinyDNS and half as fast as
> BIND. Because the query set was highly repetitive during the test I
> would have expected PDNS to cache the results and serve subsequent
> queries from this cache. That does not seem to have been the case
> here. I am preparing a lab environment to run additional tests to
> validate these initial results and would appreciate any input from the
> PDNS community for configuration.

No this is the default behaviour as PDNS assumes the database must have
changed, there is a couple of ways round this however, the 2 I came up
with was to either dump the data to flat files and use the BIND backend
which causes PDNS to cache everything in memory, or I'm working on a
custom backend and utilising memcache which can be read/written to
because the BIND backend when told to reload the zone waits until the
next request to actually do it. The only reason for this I can imagine
was to reduce reloads on zone files that change often, no idea.


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