[Pdns-users] recursor config reload without restart

Leo Baltus Leo.Baltus at omroep.nl
Mon Nov 26 09:29:01 UTC 2007

Op 21/11/2007 om 12:49:01 -0800, schreef Brendan Oakley:
> On Nov 16, 2007 6:25 AM, Leo Baltus <Leo.Baltus at omroep.nl> wrote:
> > Well, if I may jump in, the formward-zones-file would be really nice.
> Is this not already possible with 'rec_control reload-zones'? It works
> for forward-zones, I haven't tried forward-zones-file.

You're right. I should have tested that. I am in the process of setting
things up, so I am 'discovering'.

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