[Pdns-users] cache expiry problem with pdns-recursor 3.1.4

Juergen Georgi georgi at belwue.de
Fri May 4 13:44:27 UTC 2007

On Fri 2007-05-04 (14:47), list+pdns-users at steffenspage.de wrote:
> On Friday 04 May 2007 12:22:58 Juergen Georgi wrote:
> > bsz-bw.de               86370   NS      delphi.bsz-bw.de
> This entry would expire approximately after a whole day. So...
> > After 12 hours all but one NS-RR have expired. Unfortunately
> > delphi.bsz-bw.de sits behind a firewall and cannot be reached.
> ... if I'm getting nothing wrong, you have to wait a day?

four valid NS records expire after 12 hours. The fifth
(delphi.bsz-bw.de) expires after one day. This is bad,
because the recursor uses incomplete delegation data half
of the time. Then you see only one NS RR:

# ns -T bsz-bw.de
bsz-bw.de               566   NS      delphi.bsz-bw.de

The cache dump then shows:
bsz-bw.de. -42678 IN NS dns1.belwue.de.
bsz-bw.de. -42678 IN NS dns3.belwue.de.
bsz-bw.de. 566 IN NS delphi.bsz-bw.de.
bsz-bw.de. -42678 IN NS uranos.rz.uni-konstanz.de.
bsz-bw.de. -42678 IN NS konstanz.bsz-bw.de.

> PS: One of my friends has the same surname (Günter Georgi). He's living in
> Stuttgart, do you, maybe, know him? 

Sorry, no.

-Juergen Georgi

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