[Pdns-users] tracking servers through database backend?

Amos Shapira amos.shapira at gmail.com
Thu May 10 04:22:42 UTC 2007


I am tasked with proposing a way to load-balance requests over a global
network of servers and though that PowerDNS looks like just the tool for
this, but I've never used it before and wonder whether my expectations and
plan are real.

What I was thinking about is to have two "layers"

1. A Geo backend which will pick a CNAME record based on the IP from which
the query came.
2. A database backend (MySQL/PostgresSQL) which will resolve the name that
the CNAME points to into an IP address.

I wonder if that I wrote until here makes sense.

Now the twist is that I was thinking of having a specialised program which
probes all the available servers, checks that they are still alive and well,
and updates the records of the database back-end whenever a server's
availablity changes.

Is this a possible plan?  How do others setup such networks?
e.g. I read the Wikipedia uses PowerDNS with GeoIP to forward users to
nearer servers, but does it also check whether the node or cluster it
forwards the user to is available at all?


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