[Pdns-users] reverse dns

Michael Holm hollo at hollo.dk
Fri Mar 23 13:12:48 UTC 2007

i have made a setup like this:

one master... this one has a lot of different domains about 400..
one slave.. this one started to be empty..

what i have done is,
$ pdns_control notify-host <ALL_HOSTS> <SLAVE IP>

then all the domainnames appears on the slave, but i miss all my pointer 
domains.. and i followed the flow with
$ /etc/init.d/pdns monitor

the log was as following:
Mar 23 13:57:00 Unable to find backend willing to host <IP>.in-addr.arpa 
for potential supermaster <MASTER IP>
Mar 23 14:01:29 Not authoritative for '<IP>.in-addr.arpa', sending 
servfail to <IP> (recursion was desired)

also i have another question.. what about then my master is slave for 
other domains which has their own nameserver... like this setup:

my master points to my customers server which has all the records 
their.. i dont have any records at all.. expect for the entry in my 
domains table, i know i could fix this by putting the records on my 
master, but thats not the correct setup, i just want to point to an 
another host, how can i get this domain on my slaves? my log is like the 

Mar 23 14:06:29 Received NOTIFY for procard.dk from <MASTER IP> for 
which we are not authoritative
Mar 23 14:06:29 Error resolving SOA or NS for '<DOMAIN>' at <MASTER IP>

have a nice weekend everyone.

Michael Holm

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