[Pdns-users] Cname and Microsoft DNS problem

André Muraro Andre.Muraro at locaweb.com.br
Wed Mar 14 01:08:10 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone,
I Have one question about cname records
I have a zone in PowerDNS with a record www of type cname that redirect to external domain, for example:
Domain: test.com.br
WWW    IN    CNAME    www.remotedomain.com <http://www.remotedomain.com> 
If a dnscache or bind consult powerdns to resolve this entry www.test.com.br <http://www.test.com.br>  the response is ok, if a Microsoft DNS consult PowerDNS the response is that entry don't exist
Let me know if you need more explanation.

Kind regards,
André Muraro

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