[Pdns-users] Supermaster with BIND (Was: Stupid subject (Was: Please Help me..Bert Hubert help me!!

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Wed Jun 6 13:07:50 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 10:35:48AM +0000,
 Ale ***** <bella_brendone at hotmail.it> wrote 
 a message of 59 lines which said:

> I’d like to add new zone (records) or modify an existent zone
> (records) and i'd want that this changes are sended to master
> Somebody told me that is it impossible because supermaster option
> doesn’t work with other Dns

He is right. Supermaster is proprietary. Other name servers have an
incompatible protocol (Infoblox, for intance).

There is a work going on to create a standard protocol
but do not hold your breadth.

You can transfer the data in the zones (with AXFR), not the list of
zones or the meta-data (such as zone's primary name server address).

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