[Pdns-users] Please Help me..Bert Hubert help me!!

Ale ***** bella_brendone at hotmail.it
Tue Jun 5 10:35:48 UTC 2007

Good Morning,

Firstly I’m sorry for my english but I’m Italian. I read that you are one of 
the principal author of PowerDNS so I hope that

you could help me. Cause university’s reasons I must change the architecture 
now present. Simplify it, I have 2 DNS server,

a master (  and a slave ( both use bind 9. I'd want 
to have a third dns server ( that use

PowerDNS. This third DNS server that use PowerDNS should be like a 
supermaster. I'll try to explain better.  I’d like to

add new zone (records) or modify an existent zone (records)  and i'd want 
that this changes are sended to master

DNS server and consequently to slave DNS server by refresh both use Bind 9. 
So i'd want to have a "centralized" DNS

server that use powerDNS with i'd manage the other DNS server that use bind. 
Is it possible using PowerDNS's

"supermaster option"?

Somebody told me that is it impossible because supermaster option doesn’t 
work with other Dns

Server but all the Dns should use PowerDns and somebody also told me that 
the one way to transfer domain between a dns

server that use powerdns and a dns server that use bind is AXFR. They told 
me that  I should configure Powerdns in that





and configure Bind to take domain by AXFR from

I hope that you can help me because it’s really important for me!!!
Thanks For All

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