[Pdns-users] mplexer.hh missing ??

Eric "Shubes" plug at shubes.net
Tue Jul 3 16:45:38 UTC 2007

Hey all, pdns newbie here.

I'm trying to build pdns-2.9.21 on CentOS5 using the tarball. I'm using
the following config:
./configure --with-dynmodules="gmysql ldap pipe" \
--with-modules="" \
--enable-pdns_server \
--enable-recursor \
--enable-ldap \
--enable-mysql \
--disable-geo \

When I make, I get mplexer.hh missing (in module pdns_recursor.cc).
After I grabbed mplexer.hh from the repo, it compiled fine.

Is mplexer.hh missing from the tarball, or am I using an obsolete
parameter? I guessing that maybe I should be building the recursor using
the pdns-recursor tarball??

TIA for any guidance.

-Eric 'shubes'

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