[Pdns-users] Getting started with pdns

Christian Hofstädtler ch at nessus.at
Thu Jan 18 18:15:24 UTC 2007

It is my understanding, that pdns-recursor will never query forwarders, 
except for explicitly configured zones (see forward-zones setting). 
Instead, it will just query the root nameservers directly; the root 
nameserver IP addresses are hard-coded inside the recursor, but you can 
override them using the hint-file setting.

- Christian

--On 1/18/07 12:52 -0500 Gerald Britton <gerald.britton at gmail.com> wrote:
> I see, but won't that force the namserver to the localhost?  How will
> the recursor know where to forward requests not resolved by the cache?
> On 1/18/07, Christian Hofstädtler <ch at nessus.at> wrote:
>> supersede domain-name-servers;

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