[Pdns-users] using wildcards with multiple backends

Jay Coulter jay at nextdimensioninc.com
Wed Jan 10 21:21:31 UTC 2007



We've developed a custom backend for PDNS at a clients request that is
authoritative for any DNS request passed to it.  They would like to use
real functionality of the DNS server with the GMysql backend in front of
this custom backend for only a small subset of data.  When we try to use
wildcards to query the GmySQL backend, it does not function the same way
as it does with only one backend enabled and automatically passes the
request to the custom backend.   Seeing as this is a unique
configuration, I don't really expect anyone to have the same type of set
up, but is this the way the wildcard lookup is supposed to work when
there are multiple backends enabled?



Jay Coulter


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