[Pdns-users] MySQL-Reconnecting with MySQL >5.0.3

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Tue Feb 27 08:29:12 UTC 2007

Hi Jason

> That's pretty nasty transaction-dumb behavior. Is that because
> PowerDNS treats the MySQL driver as just an abstracted storage engine?
> PDNS if its going to use transaction-safe databases, should create a
> transaction abstraction layer that gets enforced when using an ACID
> environment like InnoDB or Postgres.

The behavior is a design flaw of the MySQL database, which is only OK for 
read-only operations but may totally break when changing records (esp. in a 
transaction). Therefore, they turned it off by default now.

PDNS can't do anything besides enforcing the flag to be turned off because it 
don't get notified if an auto-reconnect happens.

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