[Pdns-users] PowerDNS releases?

Arjan Schrijver arjan at anymore.nl
Thu Feb 22 08:08:35 UTC 2007

bert hubert wrote:
>> Is PowerDNS still being developed? The last release has been almost a 
>> year ago.
> That is not correct - the Resolver has seen heaps of releases over that
> time. I'm pleased to announce that EasyDNS (www.easydns.com) is sponsoring
> new features that will shortly lead to the release of the authoritative
> version 2.9.21 of PowerDNS.
Hi Bert,

Thank you very much for the quick answer! This is exactly what I wanted 
to hear.
Our tests have been very successful, so this was one of the last things 
we wanted
sorted out.
>> And more important, is it safe to use in production? A piece of software
>> that hasn't been bugfixed this long is bound to have security issues.
> We are not aware of relevant security issues. Also, over the last year, many
> big DNS hosters have moved to PowerDNS. 
> So I wouldn't worry, but please test the 2.9.21 snapshots once they become
> available!
> 	Bert
We'll test the 2.9.21 snapshots indeed. This mailinglist is a good place 
to stay
up to date about such things.


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