[Pdns-users] Reverse delegation of a /25 subnet

Livio Ravetto livio at ravetto.org
Tue Feb 20 15:44:20 UTC 2007

Found the solution, and I will be showing how it is done.

we want to delegate a /25 range within a.b.c, range starting from lower 
end for customer
name servers for customer are cus0.net and cus1.net
our name servers are our0.net and our1.net

the domain data would be something like this:
<id>, c.b.a.in-addr.arpa,,,MASTER,<serial>,,,,

We need to create the following records:
0-25.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 cus0.net
0-25.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 cus1.net
c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 our0.net
c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 our1.net

1.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 1.0-25.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa
127.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 127.0-25.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa

128.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 a-b-c-128.isp.net
254.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa 86400 a-b-c-254.isp.net

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