[Pdns-users] Frontend for PowerDNS ?!

Duane duane at e164.org
Thu Dec 20 23:05:36 UTC 2007

Rene Bartsch wrote:

> So chained dropdown-boxes have to be used a la NAPTR -> Protocol (using
> IANA/RFC syntax internally) -> text field. Any other idea?

For NAPTR specific stuff, perhaps you should take a gander at
www.e164.org ;)

While it's used as a frontend to PDNS, it's not really suitable as a
general purpose DNS frontend, in fact to build the data structure for
PDNS we store a bunch of meta data and use that behind the scenes rather
then the raw DNS information.

We also accept some information in regular expression formatting then
convert it behind the scenes to something PDNS can deal with at this
point in time.


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