[Pdns-users] Differing (incorrect) behavior in 2.9.21 for AAAA records versus 2.9.20...

Augie Schwer augie.schwer at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 18:06:23 UTC 2007

On 8/11/07, bert hubert <bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 11, 2007 at 09:51:24AM -0600, Michael Loftis wrote:
> > The behavior for AAAA's clearly differs from that for A's, so one just
> > needs to see how A's are being handled and make sure AAAA's are being
> > handled similarly.  (yes "just" heh.  I haven't looked at teh new backend
> > code at all)
> In this case, the behaviour differs for matching wildcards versus partially
> matching wildcards, where the latter is of the right qname, but the wrong
> qtype.
> A fix is in svn, so I wonder if people can verify that it solves the
> problem.
> Good luck!

That looks like it fixes it Bert. I'll have to do some more testing on
Monday, but preliminary results look good. Thank you so much Bert!

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