[Pdns-users] creation of own backend / autotools configuration

Marcel Meyer meyerm-pdns1 at fs.tum.de
Fri Aug 17 10:40:59 UTC 2007

Hello together,

I need to build a new backend for pdns to fulfill the current needs within 
my network. Since I fear the pipe-backend could be a little bit slow when a 
lot of requests are incoming (no caching feasible) I thought about writing 
a native C++-plugin for pdns.

Luckily all other backends are available as open-source so I think I will be 
able to learn fast and get first results without bothering you too 
much ;-). But my current problem is I never used autotools (self written 
shell scripts or qmake where all I needed until now) so far and am now 
asking myself how to get started first off all.

I wrote a small dummy backend based on the randombackend from the 
documentation. But how do I now include it into the building of pdns? 
Optimally I could build it "alone" and just copy it into the lib-dir of the 
installed pdns (compiler is the same), too. I looked into the 
Makefile.*-files of the other backends and am completly lost.

Can someone direct me to some URL where the basic steps to get a pdns 
compatible configuration are described?

Thank you,


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