[Pdns-users] CNAME answer problem?

Hannes M. hannes.m at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 05:34:51 UTC 2007


i have some strange problem with CNAME records to an external domain.
For example:

PDNS has example.com which has the following records:

www.example.com A
www2.example.com CNAME www.example.com
www3.example.com CNAME www.somwhere-else.com

www ---> works
www2 --> works
www3 --> host not found

BUT - and that is what's strange:

I'm just changin from BIND to PDNS - when running PDNS as a slave with
the BIND backend, www3 works(!!!) - when running native with
gmysql-backend www3 does not work.

I double checked the records inside the SQL database, tried all option
according to CNAME and recursion - no idea at all.

dig +norecurs www3.example.com delivers the CNAME as stored, but PDNS
does not resolve.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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