[Pdns-users] mysql timeout

Maik Fuss mailing at one-access.de
Sun Apr 15 01:27:38 UTC 2007

> You need to use a reasonable timeout, not 60 seconds which might
> work for a web app. Try the default 43200 (12h) or 86400 (24h)
> or more instead.

nope, that isn't the problem...
i think its anything with the tcp connection over vpn...

layout from my vpn-server network:

srv1 = vpn-client, mysql(replicate), ns1
srv2 = vpn-client, customer
srv3 = vpn-client, customer
srv4 = vpn-server, mysql(master), ns2

(the server with the timeout is srv4)

if i connect the pdnsd (srv4) over vpn to srv1-mysql(replicate) it works
if i connect the pdnsd (srv4) over the IP from the vpn-iface or over
socket directly, i become a timeout on every second query

any solutions?


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