[Pdns-users] Newbie Question

Derrik Pates demon at devrandom.net
Tue Apr 10 20:37:20 UTC 2007

Tom Rossi wrote:
> The second thing I tried was to remove the recursor key and use the pdns
> as strictly authoritative.  The database remains the same -- a CNAME for
> www.test.com <http://www.test.com>.  Again, I used nslookup to try and
> resolve, but now I get a "** server can't find www.test.com
> <http://www.test.com>: SERVFAIL"  Shouldn't it have responded with the
> value of the CNAME even if it couldn't recurse to resolve it?

That sounds like the database itself is misconfigured. Is there anything
in the system logs from PowerDNS stating that it's successfully
connected to the database? What backend are you using?

Derrik Pates
demon at devrandom.net

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