[Pdns-users] Including Generic Records

Richard Mayhew - Nashua Broadband RichardM at nashuabroadband.com
Mon Sep 18 09:22:49 UTC 2006

I might be pushing my luck, but may I ask if anyone has a way of
including generic forward records. 
For example I want to create the revserse zones entries for our IP
ranges, but dont want the forward zone to have 1000's of generic forward
entries. Using Bind I was able to include generic zones, where an entry
placed in to master zone would overwrite the equivilent entry in the
generic zone file on loading up. If the entry is removed or does not
exist in the master zone file, the generic entry will then be loaded
instead. This makes sure that there is allways a revserse and forward
entry for an IP address.

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