[Pdns-users] choosing which ip to return in the resolver?

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Tue Oct 24 14:55:33 UTC 2006

Our department needs these dns services:

- a single dns resolver to find addresses of external machines for the
  internal clients

- "something" that gives these clients the addresses of the other
  internal machines

The first task can be accomplished easily by powerdns-resolver. The
second could be done by the server but can more easily be done by the
resolver as well using the export-etc-hosts option.

There's one difficulty however: the department is divided in several
*isolated* subnets with a few multi-homed public servers belonging to
all of them. Also, all machines are in a single domain and the servers
have the same name in all subnets. When a client asks for the address
of one of the servers, it must be given the address in its own subnet,
which means that the dns service must choose the right number for the
client. The dns service runs in one of the multi-homed servers.

Is it possible to make powerdns make the right choice? I thought about
using the pipe backend but it won't work because the resolver and
server are different processes, and the server only receives the
resolver IP, not the client's. The ideal would be to not run a server
at all, just make the resolver export /etc/hosts, provided that it
could choose the right number for these few multi-homed servers...

Can this be done?

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