[Pdns-users] Pdns not sending NOTIFY's from local-address

Gilion Goudsmit ggoudsmit at shebang.nl
Mon Nov 27 14:51:02 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I'm configuring powerdns for non-native master operation on a 
multi-homed machine. It's talking to a non-native powerdns slave 
somewhere else. MySQL replication for master-slave operation is not an 
option (as the machines and thus database belong to different 
companies), and I just want to have the machines be each-others 'backup' 
(secondary) DNS.

The machine I'm running as master has a dedicated extra IP address for 
all DNS stuff (so we move the IP and all DNS stuff to another server if 
we ever need to). It seems like powerdns is properly listening at just 
the dedicated DNS IP (according to netstat) but it's NOTIFY's are being 
sent over the machines default ip according to the routing tables, 
instead of the DNS IP, and because of this the slave is rejecting the 
NOTIFY's (because they're not being sent by a known master).

Is there a hidden master-address config setting or something? It would 
be perfect if powerdns would use that if present, or otherwise default 
to the first listed local-address.

The only other workaround that doesn't require me switching IP's would 
be to start mangling/SNAT'ing packets using iptables, and I *really* 
want to avoid that if possible...

Thanks for your help on this one, and regards, Gili.

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