[Pdns-users] Fork vs. threading

Nico van Royen nico at van-royen.nl
Thu May 18 22:20:09 UTC 2006

> In this configuration, do the two processes share the same cache somehow?

No, as this would probably destroy the performance advantage. The PowerDNS
recursor does not care that much about CPU, it cares about memory speed. And
using two CPUs means having additional caching abilities. Sharing the cache
would destroy this advantage.
Would  is be possible (in some way, even it means chanching the source code)  for multiple recursors to share one large cache?  Not just sharing  them on one server, but 7 to 8 pdns recursors that get their cache from  one large cache server?  This would probably mean less  performance, but would it be possible at all ?
  With regards,
  Nico van Royen
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