[Pdns-users] DNS Replication

Nico van Royen nico at van-royen.nl
Tue May 9 07:48:25 UTC 2006

  If you would have a large amount of DNS servers (in several remote  locations) what would be the preffered method of keeping them all in  sync ?
  Our current idea is:
  - To have one mysql server on each location
  - Every pdns server on that location connects to the one mysql server
  - One real 'master' mysql server does mysql replication to all remote mysql servers.
  This has the drawback that the master mysql server will be quite busy  with keeping all remote sql servers in sync with the database. If there  are a lot of dns changes (either new zones, or just changed dns  records) there will be a continued syncing to several remote locations.
  Any better solutions ?
  Nico van Royen
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