[Pdns-users] Features: ACLs (for AXFR et al), configurable SQL queries

Alexander List alexlist at sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Wed May 3 16:05:27 UTC 2006


I'm currently evaluating PowerDNS as an alternative to BIND9 and MyDNS.

Some things that caught my attention and where I'd love to get some hints:

* ACLs for zone transfers and for queries (allow-xfer, allow-query)

These are available in BIND and MyDNS, but I couldn't find anything
related in the PowerDNS manual and/or the sample config. I only found a
global directive allow-axfr-ips. This seems to be documented in


Any plans to include this patch in the mainline code, using CIDR
notation? It would be nice to have something like an "xfer" column like
in MyDNS.

* configurable SQL queries
I was really missing some documentation wrt the gmysql backend. OK, I
just read those <200 lines of code in mysqlbackend.cc :-)

Eventually, you want to have some kind of "active flag" for a domain, to
support creating the domain in the database backend while queries for
the domain will be refused until it is really set to "active".

User-configurable SQL queries would really rock the boat...

Thanks for any hints!

Alexander List

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