[Pdns-users] signal 6 - pdns 2.9.20 from RPM on RHEL ES v3

Kirk Friggstad friggstadk at ironsolutions.com
Tue Mar 28 17:42:37 UTC 2006

FYI - finally tracked down the problem (with guidance from Bert) - it turns
out I had duplicate entries for a few zones in my named.conf that the old
bindbackend (< 2.9.19) didn't complain about, but caused a signal 6 in the
new bindbackend (>= 2.9.19). Removing the duplicates fixed the problem -
running without issue now.

Thanks again to Bert for all the help in tracking this down.


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Kirk Friggstad wrote:

>I'll be sending a separate message with the config files for you. Thanks!
Please be sure to share the solution with the list. I am currently 
having the same problem - also using BIND backend, but on CentOS 4.2. 
PowerDNS on that machine is configured to be a pure slave PowerDNS, so 
named.conf is modified ONLY by PowerDNS.

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